How to Use a Gold Metal Detector

You may not be the most technically savvy, but it is very possible to go about learning how to use an underground metal detector without taking up too much of your time or getting overwhelmed with all of the technical details that are often involved. There is no reason why you should feel intimidated by the information contained within this article.

Types of Detectors

The first thing you need to realize when learning how to use a gold metal detector is that there are several different types on the market today. From the basic models that you see at most stores to the more expensive and professional models, there is something for everyone out there. It all depends on the type of job you have in mind, so take some time to find out what type of detector you need to do.

When you learn how to use a gold detector, you will need to know about the different types available in the industry and decide which one is best suited for your needs. If you are looking for a simple way to locate metal objects while camping, then an inexpensive model would be more than sufficient. They are also relatively easy to set up and take apart.

If you are looking for something a bit more sophisticated, then you might want to consider a higher-end model like a gold metal detector that will give you a better image of what is going on around you. This can come in handy if you are out searching for a particular metal object and need to determine its location in a much more detailed manner.

How to Use a Detector

Once you have found a gold metal detector that fits your needs, it is time to learn how to use it. For starters, make sure that you have an empty field that you can place the detector on. You can usually purchase a special ground to let you know if you are sitting in the right area to scan for metal objects.

As long as you have an open field to work with, you will have a much easier time scanning the area with the detector. When the field is covered, you should be able to move the detector around and scan the field. Make sure that you are in a clear area so that you do not miss anything as well.

Some gold metal detectors will automatically scan the area as you look through the viewing window, but you may want to try to adjust the settings yourself. A lot of these devices are set up with a self-timer so that you will know when to turn on the detector to allow you to scan for metallic objects.

how to use a gold metal detector

Learning how to use a gold detector does not have to be overwhelming. You must learn from others who have had trouble using the device so that you will have some pointers and tips that will help you get started. Even though the equipment itself is pretty basic, it is still essential to know how to use it properly.


The first step to using the detector is to set the height of the window. The higher the height, the closer the object that you want to scan will be. The lower the height, the further away the detector will be.

After you have chosen the height of the detector, you will need to set the width of the window. It is important to make sure that you have a proper setting because the width will determine how far the detector will be from the object. While you are choosing this setting, make sure that you do not set the window to too large or too small so that the area that you will scan is not blocked.

Once you have established the width of the detector, you will need to choose the direction that the detector must be pointed at. This direction will determine where the detector will be pointed out. Make sure that the area is clear and free from obstructions before you start scanning.

After you have set the directions for the detector, make sure that you put the detector on a flat surface to scan the area. If you are looking for something metal, move your fingers on the detector and scan the area from all directions until you find the metal object that you are looking for. Then you will use the detector to scan from all directions and locate it on your screen.

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